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08/13/2017Bill Frey "Knowing" God
Sunday Morning Philippians 3:10
Paul desire to know Christ is not just to know of him, but rather to know Christ with the type of intimacy of a husband and wife. He had a passion to have a relationship with God, to understand the power of Christ resurrection and to share in the sufferings of Christ. Do you "Know" Christ?
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08/06/2017Brent Duncan 5 Crowns of Heaven: Crown of Rejoicing
Sunday Morning 1 Thessalonians 2
Paul tells the thessalonians that they are his Hope(Confidence), his Joy, and his Crown of Rejoicing, because they have listened to his teaching and have accepted Christ into their hearts. There are few things in life as exciting as seeing people you have loved and invested in accepting Christ into their hearts. Are you invested in someone for the sake of their eternity?
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07/30/2017Brent Duncan 5 Crowns of Heaven: Imperishable Crown
Sunday Morning 1 Corinthians 9:24-27
There are 5 crowns we can receive in heaven. We begin our series with the Imperishable Crown. Paul speaks to the church in Corinth about receiving this crown as a reward for running the race to win the prize. One accomplishes this by self-control, keeping your eye on the goal/finish line, and through discipline.
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06/17/2018Brent Duncan A Fathers Gift
Sunday Morning 1 Samuel 2-4
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05/13/2018Brent Duncan A Mother Hope!
Sunday Morning 1 Peter 3:1-6
Peter sends a letter to all the churches in Asia minor charging the women who husbands do not have faith to put their HOPE in God, and by doing so adorn themselves with gentleness and a quiet spirit, and to be submissive toward their husbands in order that they might turn to God. Today in our society submission is seen as weakness, but i do not believe this was the intention of Peter because by the contrary these women were extremely strong, first off because they had chosen to follow Christ even though their husbands had not. Peters challenge to them was to not try and preach to them by words, but to put their Hope in God and allow their actions to turn their husbands to Christ. I believe this is a message for all of us today not just women or Mothers, but as believers in Jesus Christ, we must put our Hope in God trusting in his soverignty and allow his Holy Spirit to work in and through us, that we adorn ourselves with gentleness and a quiet spirit that listens and responds in love, to respect those in authority and by doing so praying that they might also receive Jesus Christ and His Hope! Happy Mothers Day!
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05/14/2017Brent Duncan A Mother's Wish
Sunday Morning 1 Samuel 1-2
Hannah's greatest desire was to be a mother. She prayed earnestly to God and vowed if He gave her a child she would dedicated him to the Lord. God answered her prayer and she gave birth to Samuel. She kept her promise to God and gave Samuel to the Lord at Shiloh. Samuel grew up to be one of the most influential leaders in Israel, all because of a mothers wish.
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