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04/23/2017Brent Duncan Jesus Revealed
Sunday Morning Selected Scriptures
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05/14/2017Brent Duncan A Mother's Wish
Sunday Morning 1 Samuel 1-2
Hannah's greatest desire was to be a mother. She prayed earnestly to God and vowed if He gave her a child she would dedicated him to the Lord. God answered her prayer and she gave birth to Samuel. She kept her promise to God and gave Samuel to the Lord at Shiloh. Samuel grew up to be one of the most influential leaders in Israel, all because of a mothers wish.
Download A_Mothers_Wish.MP3
05/21/2017Brent Duncan Early Church Devotion
Sunday Morning Acts 2:42-47
The early church devoted themselves to apostles teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayer. These devotions resulted in spiritual growth and church growth. What are you devoted to?
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05/28/2017Bill Shoemaker Faith and Hope
Sunday Morning Hebrews 11
Faith is the confidence in what we hope for and the assurance about what we do not see.
Download Faith_and_Hope_BILL_S.MP3
06/11/2017Brent Duncan The Lost Son
Sunday Morning Luke 15:11-32
Each of us can relate to at least one character in Jesus' parable. Are you the lost son, running from God? Is there someone you need to show grace and love towards as the Father does in receiving his son back? Or are you like the older brother with pride and self-righteousness thinking we deserve based on our own doings. Key verse is Luke 15:31
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06/18/2017Bill Frey Vision
Sunday Morning Nehemiah 2
God has given us a vision to build the church. What vision has he given to you?
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